Briežkalni | CPQ and Product Catalog The Secret Weapons for Telecoms to Create Customer Delight
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CPQ and Product Catalog The Secret Weapons for Telecoms to Create Customer Delight

CPQ and Product Catalog The Secret Weapons for Telecoms to Create Customer Delight

Sometimes it is utilized to express fiber to the basement in the case of a fiber to the home set up. The Optima U, a hybrid fiber enclosure, is capable of securing network fiber regardless of weather, temperature, or location. In addition, the Optima U is compact in design for pedestal mounting and below-grade applications. Designed to IP68 rating, the Optima U has been developed to withstand dust, dirt, sand and is water-resistant. Give you a free consultation to help you finalize the best telecom product development idea.

telecoms product customization

Personalization can’t succeed without IT’s involvement, especially if small pilots are to become big cross-company implementations. By developing MVPs, leveraging modular technologies, and testing with users (in the market for customers; internally for sales agents and other team members), companies can move quickly, minimizing the time and effort they require from IT. “Having personalized, automated campaigns means handing over control to a black box.” In fact, black boxes are kryptonite to personalization.

The Myths of Personalization

Macquarie Telecom Group, an Australian telecommunications company, made the bold move to cut traditional customer surveys out of their operation. Instead, they put the Net Promoter Score into every part of their business, from hiring processes to marketing strategies and customer service. Overcoming the industry’s bad reputation is critical for marketing strategies to succeed. If the customer doesn’t believe they’ll have a positive experience, the consumer engagement process is much more difficult.

  • Manufacturers of mobile devices determine the rate of development and modernization of the telecommunication services market because they supply the base stations, controllers and switching centers for cellular operators.
  • Finally, all offering types are discovered and categorized in coordination with the marketing team in a prototype and scale manner.
  • Historically, telcos have seen churn reduction as the most fertile ground for data-based value creation, due to the high costs of customer acquisition.
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  • On AI, actors are seeking assurances that their digital likenesses will not be used without their permission.

This is a stark departure from the traditional, siloed, hierarchical structures that tend to prevail throughout the industry. All too often, data collection projects can become siloed within the world of IT, which limits their value. To unlock the potential of personalization and CVM, business use cases need to drive the data. Through our work with telcos worldwide, we have identified five elements that are essential for developing both the brains and legs needed to maximize the potential of data- and personalization-driven CVM (Exhibit 2).

Dental Innovations: Revolutionizing Patient Experience for Growth

This allows not only to demonstrate the quality of service in the company but also to strengthen the “material component” of the service. Spark NZ and TDC are among a group of operators that have started down this journey, driving changes over an 18- to 24-month period that include significantly increasing speed to market, employee engagement, and productivity. Alternatively, a telco that chooses the ecosystem-provider and adjacencies archetype might create digital-native scaled CX, build new businesses at scale, decouple and deploy a greenfield IT stack, and deploy an enterprise-agile operating model.

telecoms product customization

Countries who haven’t fully implemented this technology yet, are in the process of doing so. The fun-forward strategy captures customer attention and builds a sense of friendliness that serves to improve its brand image. A study of the initiative found that 8.7% of respondents who had interacted with the provider’s content felt Virgin Mobile was a brand that understood them and the things they like, compared to just 2.8% of people who hadn’t.


Product customization can solve many problems and will result a great fit for your project. Some of the issues it might help you with are dimension, aesthetics, fiber capacity, management, simplifying, upgrading, and budgeting. Highlighting the benefits of the products available through marketing is essential in standing out from the crowd. Adding features, such as Virgin Mobile’s entertainment hub or China Telecom’s video streaming service can also capture attention. Our expert engineers stay involved with the creation of your custom products through design, manufacturing, and testing to ensure everything performs as expected.

telecoms product customization

Though, be cautious that different product families might require slight adjustments based on their specifications and pricing policies. The Rise of Gen Z. Gen Zers are between ten and 25 years old now, with the oldest among them just beginning their purchasing power ascent. For instance, Gen Zers generally prefer digitally enabled experiences and on-demand convenience as well as high-quality authenticity in games, shopping, and content. That represents a radical opportunity for telcos that target Gen Z preferences while simultaneously a risk that technology startups and innovators will squeeze telcos out before they make inroads with these new customers. Even the less-than-impressive TSR of 9% for the telecom sector we mentioned at the beginning is a bit deceptive.

High-Impact Trends of the Future

The strongest survives here, so each provider tries to offer unique services where it would seem impossible to do so. Here the customer experience comes into play, and companies are desperately fighting for users’ attention. “At first glance, the product catalogue is a simple cupcake, but in reality, it is a puff cake,” said Anatoliy Medvedchuk, Software Architect at

But it’s essential for realizing the full benefits of personalization and driving new, sustainable growth. One of the challenges that engineers might face is the lack of room for error. Therefore, programmers need to test different catalog versions and their operation scenarios. The environment allows IT teams to create a prototype in 2-4 weeks and test them for strength. The integrated component of the service product in this area is mobile banking as well as various payment systems.

Define your growth strategy

Continue reading to learn more about this standby power supply, including customer testimonials, product reliability comparisons and a report on the rate that hardware failures occur. Bring your vision into working telephony or unified communication solutions with our custom product development services. We have been catering to global customers with telecommunication software customization services. Enterprise Low-Code Application platform to launch any cloud or on-premise solution MVP in 4 weeks. We offer sustainable software to create a perfect customer experience for any real-time business industry (Retail, Telecommunication, IoT, etc.). The platform-as-a-service is recognized and used by SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Product complexity and dissatisfaction are key issues for many telecommunications companies. A 2023 report found that while critics claimed U.S. broadband speeds were slow, the data doesn’t support that. This hints at the great discrepancy between factual evidence and user experience, which may be linked to anything from consumer choices to non-transparent pricing structures. Ironically, consumers also become frustrated when they perceive companies to not have a good understanding of their needs or offer random products rather than relevant ones. This complex dynamic means telecom businesses must gather high-quality information, but use it in a responsible, transparent way.

The Right Telecommunications Solutions for Your Site

After several months of development and iteration, it introduced the solutions in other countries, radically reducing time to market. The personalization of the supply requires the increasing of the telecommunication industry companies’ flexibility, which could not be achieved in the conditions of the natural monopoly, classically justified for the communications industry. The experience of many countries shows that the modern telecommunication services market is undergoing the transformation toward imperfect competition. Following recent researches, the IT and telecom segment had the largest revenue share of over 20% in critical 2020.

New Products

We also have a strict quality control program in place based on ISO 9000 Series Quality System Standards. This program allows us to produce superior quality products and quickly adapt to the changing needs of the telecom industry. Fiber to the building — FTTB is a class of fiber-optic installation where the fiber-optic cable is directly connected to the single building.


Using advanced analytics, operators can run thousands of simulations to prioritize capital spend across a portfolio of projects, allowing for greater transparency and quicker decision making. Applying these principles to a 5G rollout, an Asian telco accelerated deployment telecom software products timelines by a full year. That is particularly disappointing given the central role that the telecom sector plays in global technology trends. Telecommunications has been the essential thread connecting people, businesses, and whole societies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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