Briežkalni | ADP Run Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More
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ADP Run Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More

ADP Run Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More

IRS Free File is available to any individual or family who earned $79,000 or less in 2023. Gusto’s small-business payroll solution is a solid ADP alternative, especially for companies considering ADP RUN. The most advanced ADP RUN plan, HR Pro, also includes access to a learning management system and a sexual harassment training course. To run payroll with Roll, business owners type a chat command like “run payroll,” and the app takes care of the rest.

If you are looking for more of a full-service HR platform that includes payroll, then Zenefits is a good option to consider. Workday was designed to be an enterprise-level, cloud-based software solution focused on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human capital management (HCM). This makes it a good choice for large businesses that have maxed out the capabilities of ADP and need a more comprehensive software solution that can match their growth and complexity.

They help employers pay their employees and make sure taxes are calculated properly while also providing services like tax filing and benefits administration. ADP is a provider of payroll and human capital management solutions servicing the full scope of businesses from micro to global enterprises. ADP was established in 1949 and serves over 1 million clients primarily in the United States. ADP’s employer services segment offers payroll, human capital management solutions, human resources outsourcing, insurance and retirement services. The smaller but faster-growing professional employer organization segment provides HR outsourcing solutions to small and midsize businesses through a co-employment model.

Let’s take some time to explore a few other competitors and alternatives to ADP. ADP RUN is a payroll, HR and benefits administration software for startups and small businesses of one to 49 employees. There are dozens of competitors offering payroll services to small and large businesses alike.

  1. Analyst ratings serve as essential indicators of stock performance, provided by experts in banking and financial systems.
  2. It takes ADP Workforce Now’s all-in-one payroll, HR, benefits and time and attendance features to an enterprise level.
  3. It is important to keep in mind that while stock and sector analysts are specialists, they are also human and can only forecast their beliefs to traders.
  4. ADP offers a pay history of W2s and 1099 for up to three years, Gusto offers lifetime access to paystubs and W2s.
  5. ADP is one of the largest payroll service provider in the world, and its small business solution RUN is a natural extension of the service it provides to medium and large businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

In contrast, payroll software companies like ADP let you process payroll automatically, which can include automatically deducting and submitting payroll taxes. Papaya Global’s affordable multinational payroll services start at $2 per global contractor paid per month. Global payroll for employees starts at $3 per payee per month if you pay them with your existing payroll software or $12 per payee per month through Papaya Global. Along with offering international payroll, Vantage HCM’s talent sourcing tools help companies create a cohesive, compelling brand narrative that attracts top talent. ADP’s benefits can also keep businesses competitive across the globe while the system’s comprehensive data and analytics tools give you crucial insights into your workforce’s productivity and satisfaction.

Zenefits provides comprehensive HR tools that cover the entire employee lifecycle for streamlined workforce management. The software also includes business intelligence reports, so decision-makers can delve into the analytics and optimize processes based on that. Paycor is a direct competitor with ADP that offers a comprehensive suite of human capital management (HCM) tools in addition to payroll. FORTUNE collaborates with partner Korn Ferry Hay Group on this corporate reputation survey, which evaluates approximately 1,500 companies, including the 1,000 largest U.S. companies ranked by revenue and non-U.S. Companies in the FORTUNE Global 500TM database with revenues of $10 billion or more.

ADP RUN vs. Gusto

However, while RUN Powered by ADP costs less than HCM software for enterprises, it’s definitely pricier than more straightforward payroll services like Gusto or SurePayroll. ADP’s SmartCompliance is a set of add-on features that combines services and technology to help you stay compliant with changes to healthcare and payroll tax requirements as well as wage garnishment orders. Compliance support can include business tax credits, wage payments, payroll taxes, health insurance, wage garnishments, contractor management, unemployment claims and employment verification. ADP is more of payroll software with some HR tools added, whereas Zenefits is HR software with payroll added. In fact, payroll is optional with Zenefits, whereas it is included in ADP plans by default.

Toolsberry delivers actionable tech install intelligence at companies who are “curated buyers”. Toolsberry tracks ADP users across millions of companies and curates the companies who use ADP with full company information including geography, industry and more. While ADP only offers to export data to QuickBooks, Xero, Wave and Creative Solutions, Gusto integrates fully with a large number of third parties, such as QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Clover, Shopify and more. ADP offers a pay history of W2s and 1099 for up to three years, Gusto offers lifetime access to paystubs and W2s.

Top payroll services for small businesses include OnPay, Gusto and ADP RUN. It is a significantly younger company than ADP and was designed with dynamic startups and small businesses in mind. When compared to ADP, Gusto shines in the availability of features by cost. Even Gusto’s most basic plan offers wage garnishments, health benefits administration, unemployment insurance, new hire onboarding and workers’ compensation. To get these items on ADP, users either need to purchase a more advanced plan or add-ons. ADP RUN offers payroll with direct deposit, a self-service employee platform and new hire onboarding.

The People Hub is what Zenefits calls its suite of communication tools, which allow HR to interact with employees directly from the Zenefits interface. The People Hub also makes it easy to send engagement surveys and solicit employee feedback, so HR and business leaders can understand employee sentiment more deeply. IRS Free File provides a free online alternative to filing a paper tax return.

How much does RUN by ADP cost?

The company isn’t transparent with pricing, but users report base pricing of $59 per month plus $4 per employee. You’ll pay extra for tax forms filing, benefits administration and other features. Gusto is an online payroll and HR administration platform designed with dynamic startups in mind. It facilitates payroll for both employees and contractors under a single plan, plus employee benefits including health, retirement and custom benefits such as wellness programs.


Taxpayers should have all their important and necessary documents before preparing their return. Errors and omissions slow down tax processing, including refund times. The main benefit of using ADP or any other outsourced payroll solution is the time, hassle and stress it can save business owners who worry about payroll.

All You Need to Know About Automatic Data Processing

Traditional companies offer customizable plans to fit your needs, while platforms tailored for startups offer straightforward pricing and all-inclusive packages you can get up and running in minutes. The Complete plan offers all payroll services in the Enhanced plan as well as basic HR support. The plan also includes an HR Help Desk for live phone and email support.

In these instances, an alternative like Paychex, Gusto, Paycor, Workday, TriNets Zenefits, or BambooHR might be worth considering. To review payroll software, including ADP’s payroll processing systems, we do our best to either set up free trial accounts or schedule demos to get personal experience with the products we review. Our companies that use adp payroll software review methodology page explains more about how we choose, rate and review products. ADP Vantage HCM was built specifically for U.S.-based international corporations with 1,000 or more employees. It takes ADP Workforce Now’s all-in-one payroll, HR, benefits and time and attendance features to an enterprise level.

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